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Registration NOTICE
Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Our Republic has experienced a malicious attack on our site. We are currently resolving the Site Registration form so that candidates and supporters are able to access the site appropriately. We hope to resolve this as soon as possible and appreciate your patience.

Clean Sweep in Utah!
Friday, August 16, 2013

Congratulations Utah! All the candidates we have been helping made it through the primary to the general municipal election this November. Real conservative citizen candidates taking back our country neighborhood by neighborhood.

We are getting more and more confident that Our-Republic's tools are equal to or better than those available to Democrats, liberals and progressives. Find out how you can help turn our country around.

Global Warming, Smart Growth and Unsustainable Theories
Thursday, August 8, 2013

Find out about how state, regional & local community development plans are being intentionally designed to permanently limit your personal freedom of mobility and lifestyle using smart growth as a solution to mankind's immanent extinction by CO2e emissions.

Discover how elected officials have total missed what is going on, how the United Nations, ICLEI, ICMA and the APA are involved and what the facts and questions are that you need to know to find out what is going on in your town.

 read more ...

Help Us Make a Difference!

We invite you to help us make a difference in taking back our country. The founders of Our-Republic were part of the original tea party movement and like many millions of Americans they woke up one morning and realized:

  • that the country had left its constitutional design,

  • that government spending was destroying the future we had hoped to leave our children, and 

  • that regulatory bodies and the judicial branch of our government have replaced our representative legislative system.

The overwhelming emotion was the realization that in many ways our governments regulations, presidential executive orders and activist supreme court are creating law that no one has voted for or against. We are people from all walks of life, all colors and cultural backgrounds. Our-Republic has been involved from the beginning in Feb. 2009, again on April 15, 2009 and one of the founders, Ken Happel, wrote the emergency plan for the Washington DC permit and was the Medical Officer for the national tea party protest on September 12, 2009 when between 1,500,000 and 2,500,000 citizens came to Washington DC from all 50 states to protest the government's plans to take over the healthcare system, massively increase the national debt and change the very architecture of our constitutional republic.

The resulting effort to discredit and minimize the non-partisan tea party movement by Republicans, Democrats and the news media is the greatest possible indication of their surprise, fear and acknowledgement of our power. We, the American public who have been asleep while our country was being radically changed, woke up. This was and is not a protest of the rich; many of us had to sell possessions to pay for the trip to DC. The tea party movement was and is not organized or paid for by large or national organizations of any kind or political persuasion. We are not controlled by talk radio, media icons or websites. Our guiding principles include healthy skepticism and we check our facts. We discovered, to our disbelief, at the town hall meetings that we knew the current legislation far better than our legislators.

We organized and became the largest precinct organizing group in our region. We made mistakes. We learned and overcame until we developed a system for taking back our country. We wrote a manual about the system called "Taking Back our Country". We made training videos and podcasts and launched into radio. Finally, we realized that those trying to work for the recovery of our constitutional government, the reversal of government fiscal excess and the election of officials who would treat our political foundations with respect needed a tool like Our-Republic, so we are creating it.

We invite you to join us and contribute your talents as a writer, editor, graphics artist or video editor. We invite you to subscribe to Our-Republic and join the conversation, become a trained conservative community activist and help us take back our country.


How Our-Republic Is Organized!

You are currently on the "Home" page. This is our gateway or welcome page. From here you can easily get to the whole site. The rest of Our-Republic has two distinct sections: A Community section (available by selecting "OUR COMMUNITY" menu above) and a Project portal [available through the four menus to the right of the "HOME" menu]. 

The community section is all about Our-Republic, the research and publishing team, instructions for using the portal and the tools that are part of it, our future plans, how to subscribe to or donate support for Our-Republic and a store where you can buy published reference material, t-shirts and gifts.

The Project section includes four parts: "FACTS & VIEWS", "TRAINING", "EVENTS" and "CAMPAIGNS" accessed by the menus to the right of the "HOME" menu. These are powerful tools for political organizing and winning issue campaigns and elections. It also includes our fundraising candidate and campaigns store where you can donate tot he causes and candidates you choose. 

To read a detailed description of the site's organization and the types of content you can find please select the "ABOUT" page on the "OUR COMMUNITY" menu in the menu-bar above.


Membership Has Priviledges

Our-Republic is a non-profit created to educate and support citizens in promoting tax reform, fiscal responsibility and limited intrusion by government into our personal and commercial lives. To do this we rely on your generosity as MEMBERS, SUBSCRIBERS and SUPPORTERS.

While anyone is free to read the documentary materials and forums in Our-Republic, to download articles, comment in the forums or participate in our on-line social media community requires they become a MEMBER. A MEMBER pays eight dollars ($8.00) to obtain access for one month to download materials and to participate in forum and other community activities.

A SUBSCRIBER is a person who pledges a yearly subscription of $5.00 a month for 12 months ($60 dollars a year). This gives all the rights of a MEMBER and access to our on-line courses, special live training sessions, special issue research materials, all the campaign volunteer tools and receives discounts on purchases in the community mall.

A SUPPORTER is someone who wants to help us keep our costs low to candidates and local organizing groups. Any amount over $100 is gratefully accepted as a supporter level contribution. Select the blue button below to see a comparison of these and to sign up for them. Thank you for helping us take back our country.


Our-Republic Introduces New Campaign Tools

Our-Republic is using its new campaign tools for a number of candidates in Utah. To enter the campaign tools area, register as a volunteer, select the verification link in the email you receive after registering, and you are set. When you log in for the first time, you will notice that a whole new group of menu entries appears because you are a volunteer. You will be taken to you profile page. Please tell us something about yourself and enjoy meeting some of our community. The tools will be found under the menu selections: [contribute][volunteers][precinct campaign tools].

Empower Yourself, Register With Our-Republic

There are several options based upon how you want to participate in or support our work.